Exploiting Dishonour Among Thieves: Accomplice Plea Agreements

When senior managers steal they typically do so knowing the company’s systems back to front. They know which accounts can be skimmed and which assets taken. Seniority also provides insight into how their actions may be covered up. Managers understand what transactions trigger audits and where holes exist in record-keeping. If the company monitors email or the cameras down the back fire-escape no longer work – they are often in the loop on that. The law reports are replete with managers misappropriating monies, stealing equipment, misusing vehicles, copying sensitive data and paying inflated invoices. Kimberly recently hosted an intricate scheme where a trusted senior manager defeated all manner of security systems – red-areas, glove-boxes, magnetic safes and click-clack jars – to sneak out high value diamonds . It is one of those cases where you half want to fire the employee and half want to promote him for sheer ingenuity.

Driven to drink

Heinrich Böhmke, Originally posted in HRFuture The festive season has come and gone and it’s back to work for those who have a job in the delicate 2009 labour market.  For employees in the service industry – the smiling waitrons, tour-guides and shop-assistants – December has been all about work. The lady who gave me my Christmas haircut said it is her busiest month. She put in punishing overtime and hardly got any sleep. This was clear in her bleary eyes and distracted manner. I sat very still when she brought out the razor for my side-burns. There are other employees for whom exacting overtime regimens are not seasonal but chronic. So understaffed are certain hospitals, so lacking are millwright skills, that some devoted employees find themselves routinely over-worked. It is too easy to say that this is their choice. In some workplaces just keeping things afloat requires all hands on deck at all times. …

Liquidation, A Stilfontein Story (2005)

A documentary about the devastating economic ripple effected by the closure of the DRD gold mine in the town of Stilfontein in South Africa. Abandoned by their employers and the government, the unions and local residents came together to avert a food crisis. Produced by Heinrich Böhmke of Xalanga Peak Productions. Co directed by Aoibheann O’Sullivan and Heinrich Böhmke. Music: “Skeleton Coast” courtesy of Nibs Van der Spuy, from the album “Lines of my Face” © 1999 Greenhouse Music “Hoekom” courtesy of Disselblom, from the album “Goud en Marog” © 2004 Geblikte Afrikaans. Additional Stills: Reint Dykema Links on youtube: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: